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Company Formation

Start your business on the right foot with company formation services within Leeds and the nearby areas.


Company Formation Agents

Setting up your own business along with having the right professional advice from the very beginning is key. The main reason for this is that the right advice will help our company formation agents sow the seeds for a prosperous growth in your business to help you reach your goals.

When starting a business below are some key points to take into consideration and actioning:

  • Do you have a business plan? A key element sometimes overseen. This is crucial to your roadmap for your new business.
  • Have you budgeted the costs involved in setting up and how your cashflow will be managed and used?
  • How are you going to be funding this venture? Self-funding or do you require external funding?
  • Have you decided what the best business structure is going to be for this? Sole Trader, Ltd. Company or Partnership?
  • Will you be taking staff on? If so, are they going to be self-employed or on payroll?
  • Trading site- will you be working from a unit, office or from home?

Company Secretarial Services

We help you start up your business from start to finish, getting the company formed and providing you with advice along the way. We manage several financial aspects of your business with our complete company secretarial services, from managing your cashflow and source funding, to accounts and bookkeeping. We also offer tax and payroll management services, using our online accounting software so that you can always find the information when you need it.

As with every company that is formed you are required to have a registered address. This doesn’t necessarily have to be at your trading address either. Should you wish to keep the registered office away from your trading address, Lyel Accountants is able to offer this service for you to act as your Company’s registered office.

We can also complete your Confirmation Statement (also known as the Annual Return) and deal with filings at Companies House for you. In addition to the above, we can also offer you amendments to the officers of your company, the authorised and issued share capital, and the Memorandum and Articles of Association.

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