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Capital Gains Tax Accountant

Lyel Accountants provides specialist capital gains tax accountant services to businesses in Leeds and the surrounding areas.

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Capital Gains Tax Specialist Accountant

In simplified terms, capital gains tax will arise when a chargeable person makes a chargeable disposal of what is commonly known as a chargeable asset at a profit. Individuals that are not usually residents of the UK do not pay capital gains taxes.

There are various valuable assets that can be subjected to CGT (Capital Gains Tax) such as shares, bonds, and property along with others. Legislation surrounding CGT is quite complex and can sometimes be difficult to understand too. However, there are many ways of benefiting from the exemptions that could lead to some significant tax savings for you.

The rate of CGT is often dependent on the level of an individual’s taxable income along with the nature of the asset that is being disposed of. With access to a specialist accountant, you can rest easy knowing your capital gains tax is handled.

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Capital Gains Tax Service

With our in-house team that specialise in this area, why not reach out and have a consultation to discuss your options and what relief you may be able to benefit from. Whether you are selling off an entire portfolio or part of it, we can advise you in the most efficient manner possible to help minimise your tax liabilities in the correct form.

With many schemes in place, we can work with you closely to see if you qualify for entrepreneur’s relief based on your circumstances and see if the reduced tax rate of 10% can be applied for you.

When we work on this area, we do also take into consideration other tax implications that may affect you such as inheritance tax, wealth inheritance or any other finances. Get in touch today and arrange your capital gains tax service.

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